Health Insurance Broker: Roles and Responsibility

A health insurance broker is no different from a stock broker or any other broker; he or she just specializes in the health sector. A health insurance broker helps you find the most suitable insurance company by matching your requirements with the provisions offered by the various policies offered by health insurance companies.If you do not currently have an insurance policy or you do not belong to any group insurance, you may well benefit from seeking the help of a health insurance broker. Self-employed or people with medical conditions typically seek the help of a health insurance broker. A health insurance broker also works for the benefit of the coordinators of a group insurance. The health insurance broker is given a list of benefits sought by an individual or a group coordinator. What a broker does is search for individuals or coordinators which best match those needs. Then he presents his recommendations and if both parties agree, the broker formulates a contract between the two parties.Does a health insurance broker work for any specific company?Usually a health insurance broker does not work for any specific company. A broker’s job is to gather information about the policies offered by the various companies in the vicinity, the rates they charge, how they treat policy holders who submit medical claims very often and any other information. However, many a times it does happen that a health insurance broker is given a financial incentive for promoting a company among the health insurance seekers.Will it be costly to get a policy through a heath insurance broker?The answer to this question cannot be generalized. Many times a health insurance broker makes an individual a member of a group plan offered by the state or trade union or organization. In this case, the individual will find rates lower and coverage better than if he had opted to go alone and seek the policy from the issuer company. Health insurance brokers usually get a commission, which is given only if both parties reach an agreement. This implies that one party or the other, and sometimes both, are responsible for the payment of broker’s fee or share.The rates, laws and rules related to health insurance keep on changing very frequently, hence health insurance brokers are few in number. Moreover, most of the states require that health insurance brokers be licensed before they can work. Also, these requirements are not uniform throughout the nation and differ from state to state.You should seek the help of a health insurance broker if you are mired in the health insurance bureaucracy. In such a situation a health insurance broker might turn out to a great source of help for you.

Affordable Health Insurance – Ask For A Health Insurance Online Quote Today

Not having an affordable health insurance policy can cost you plenty in the long run, both health wise and financially.Do you know the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States today? Unpaid medical bills.Did you know that, when you put off a medical test or exam, you often end up paying more in medical expenses, later on, than if the original test or exam had been performed?Did you realize that, in today’s world:
A broken leg can cost $7,500 to treat,
Childbirth can easily cost $10,000 and
Hip replacements can set a person back by $32,500
Here’s why you need to ask for a health insurance online quote today.If you aren’t insured, all of that expense falls on you and comes out of your own checkbook. So, these examples show that not having an affordable health insurance policy costs a person plenty in the long run, both health wise and financially — and, sometimes, in the short run, too. The facts and figures listed above also indicate that buying the right health insurance policy, versus being uninsured, can save you a significant amount of money.Discover how to find the best and most affordable health insurance policy for your specific needs.To save the most money, you need to discover how to find an affordable health insurance policy that keeps your medical expenses down and your hard earned money in your own pocket.We all want to find the specific health insurance plan that saves the most money while delivering appropriate protection when we need to use it. So, talk to an expert health insurance agent about your specific health care needs. He or she will be able to advise you on HMO plans, PPO plans, the appropriate deductibles for you, health savings plans and more.Review your health insurance online quote with these facts in mind.If you expect to need health care only a few times a year, a plan with lower monthly premiums makes sense. If, however, you anticipate regular doctor visits and frequent care, then it’s important that you have a low or even non-existent deductible. In general, HMO plans provide lower cost options, and are excellent for families, older adults, those who need regular doctor visits — and for the young and healthy.Young and healthy? Ask for a health insurance online quote that’s ideal for your needs.If you count yourself among the young and healthy, also ask your insurance agent for a health insurance online quote that includes basic medical care and health screenings at a low cost. With Blue Cross California, we call those plans our “Tonik” insurance plans and there are three tiers: the thrill seeker plan, the part time daredevil plan, and the calculated risk taker plan. The deductibles are higher with these plans, but the cost is lower.Here are three more tips to help you find affordable health insurance:1) If you’re on Medicare, consider buying a Medicare HMO insurance plan that closes the Medicare gap and provides the health care benefits that you need.2) If you’re unemployed and uninsured, but expect to be employed in the near future, ask your agent about short term health insurance: it is less costly.3) Finally, ask your accountant about the tax deductible nature of your health insurance premiums.Choosing the right health care plan for you will save you money. Don’t delay! Get a health insurance online quote today.

Life in Portugal: Everything You Need to Know About Education in Portugal

Portugal is renowned for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. If you are planning to move here, you need to find the best schools for your children. Education in Portugal is free until the age of 18. The education system includes both public and private schools. In the last decades, this European country has made enormous efforts in the area of the population’s academic achievement.The length of compulsory education is nine years. The education is regulated by the state. Many students receive financial assistance for extra expenses, including transport, school meals, and textbooks. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the administration of public schools in Portugal. The structure of the education system can be classified in several categories, including basic education, secondary education, and higher education.Basic education continues for eight years. Students receive a Certificate or Diploma after three years. Secondary education is provided at all private, public, and cooperative schools. Higher education includes polytechnic and university education. The universities of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Minho, and Algarve are some of the top universities in Portugal. Founded in 1290, the University of Coimbra is the oldest university in the country. These educational institutions feature special programs for international students, former students, sportsmen, and students from other universities.Students must attend school in the area where they live, or in the area where their parents are employed. If you want to move to Portugal, you might need to register your child early to guarantee a place at the school of your choice. You will need to provide a number of documents, including proof of identity, three passport photos, health certificate, registration papers, and a leaving certificate. Pre-school attendance is optional.Subjects taught in Portuguese schools include mathematics, environment studies, artistic education, English language, Portuguese language, physical education, history and geography of Portugal, natural sciences, and philosophy. Professional courses include marketing, administration, civil construction, sports, social action, and equipment design. Students with artistic skills can take attend specialized courses such as dance courses, music courses, and drama courses.At the end of each school year, pupils are assessed in a National Exam. Those who obtain good results will go to the next stage. The university system in Portugal is based on research and theory. Students can obtain degrees in economics, law, medicine, and psychology. Polytechnic education aims to develop critical analysis skills and provide a higher level cultural education. You can find English-speaking international schools in the Algarve and Lisbon.